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Project management

Project management

Network Building focuses on helping home owners in the process of building their dreams. Network Building is thoroughly conversant with the problems facing the building industry today and understands first-hand the constraints and complexities of the home owners' dilemma. This can include such problems as:

  • changes in domestic building regulations
  • disconnect between the available funds and the vision
  • lack of building knowledge and/or experience
  • lack of time on the part of the home owners

Our knowledge, training and experience enable us to tailor a project management solution to deliver a great result on your building project.

Our approach to Project Management is based upon understanding client needs and this is why we can guide you through the process easily and thoroughly. We also have access to architects, draftsmen, structural engineers, private certifiers and of course quality tradesmen and materials.  We can streamline the process while staying true to your needs and vision. Being a builder in Sydney, we clearly understand that people can be daunted by the building process, mainly because of the unknown. Let us help you in making the process easier and more enjoyable.