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Home renovations

Home renovations

“Restoring an old or run down Home is always a challenge. In most cases spending some money on your Home will pay dividends. Renovation and alteration works almost always cost less than building a new Home.
If you are reasonably happy with your Home and a bit of re working would make it nearly perfect then renovating and adding is your best option.
Add to this, your attachment to the area you live in and the expense and hassle of moving, then a renovation sounds increasingly appealing ”

Network Building can advise on all the important issues

  • Is the house worth saving
  • The most cost effective ideas to get maximum value for your spend and your needs.
  • Alterations which match or contrast the style of your home or add your own style.
  • Make your home more, light, space and energy efficient.

Network Building has the skills to restore and replicate period features or apply the latest technology and materials to modernise your home. Our keen eye for exterior details provide the street appeal and our materials knowledge and application aim to provide you with an energy efficient, bright, comfortable and appealing home.

Renovating your Home often means catching up on all the maintenance that has been neglected over the years, roofing, gutters, insulation, windows, wiring, plumbing and all the other repairs that may need to happen.

If done meticulously, any home, even a period home, can look new again. Network Building takes a holistic approach to renovating your Home, meaning we do the whole job from the beginning to the final hand over of all building works.

The Network Building team take pride in their work and are as excited as you will be, to see a home transformed. We have completed many projects including Period Homes, Terrace Homes, New Homes, Contemporary Homes and rustic work.

Owners may elect to do some aspects such as Heating and Cooling, Floor Coverings, Painting and Landscaping themselves. This is fine by us, as working together is what you would expect by choosing us a your Sydney Home Builder.

Most common types of renovation are:

  • Renew including adding space for new open plan Kitchen Meals Living.
  • Renew Bathrooms, Ensuites
  • Pergolas, decks, Carport/Garages
  • Energy makeovers, including window replacements, efficient appliances, lights, etc.