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Alterations & Additions Sydney

Alterations & Additions

Additions and alterations can improve and complement your home if they are properly designed and constructed....... avoid the "tacked-on" look and wasted spaces

Roof conversions provide an extra storey when the available ground area is restricted, but they need to be carefully integrated into the structure and design of the home

Frontal upgrades give tired old houses a new lease of life... they can increase property values beyond the cost of construction work if they are well co-ordinated and planned

Eco retrofitting is an environmental approach to making older homes more efficient and comfortable... the main elements of retrofitting are:

  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Reducing wasted resources
  • Environmental sustainability

Balanced eco retrofitting will reduce the running costs of your home... many design options are available

Alterations and Additions are the most common form of building in Sydney, we have carried out many of these projects in Sydney and our testimonials attest to our ability as being one of Sydney`s most connected home builders.